Photographic Tours

Africa Through the Lens

Photographic tours are a specialist field in which we have excelled. the knowledge and understanding of our clients is second to none, and it is for that reason we can offer, with confidence, the ability to arrange the very best photographic tours. We do offer individual vehicle hire (not all cars are as crowded as the one above!) and we can create a truly bespoke experience.

All the requests that we receive from professional and amateur photographers are actioned, as we understand how important it is for you to focus on what you are there to do - take the very best image that you can.

Our Guides understand the needs of our clients also. Finding the very best viewing points, understanding the issue of lighting and framing are just some of the guide's skillset employed when taking care of photographers needs.

With charging points in all our properties, extra peripherals available on request, we aim to ensure that every potential problem has been struck off your list of concerns.

For more details please contact us and let us listen to what your needs are.

Need Special Assistance

Transportation of equipment is always a logistical problem, but we are used to that so please let us know exactly your needs and we will ensure that your equipment arrives on time, intact and ready to capture the imager which you came.

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